ISPICIO offers you targeted use cases, which can provide a solution for your tasks. In the following you will find application possibilities and consulting approaches in which you hopefully find yourself again. Our use cases are designed specifically for problem-solving and are intended to illustrate how a solution can be created with our products and services.

Take a look.

Security-Health-Check for SAP®

You are using SAP® in your organization, but have little information about the “health condition” regarding critical privileges (SoD) and security settings of your system. The Security Health Check for SAP® ERPs helps you get transparency into the basic settings of your SAP® system and get an impression of how your authorization concept is ordered.

Book ISPICIO with the SAP® Security Health Check and get the full transparency within 2 days, including our valuable recommendations for action.

Emergency User Management for SAP®

It’s that time again. You must urgently make a change to the SAP® productive system and you need a suitable user. Unfortunately, the auditor or the auditor of the annual financial statements cutted the authorization to make the necessary changes quickly.

This is no longer a problem.

With our emergency user management software “ISPICIO_E”, you will soon be able to allocate an emergency user in the production system, while still fulfilling all compliance requirements.

Project Review for ERP Implementations

Projects always lead to unforeseen problems. Sometime the results are not right, sometimes the costs that explodes, another time the release of the system, which can not be signed.

Many factors influence the success of a project. It is important, however, that the risks of an unsuccessful go-live are minimized.

ISPICIO knows this challenge and supports you in the risk management of your ERP implementation project.

Automation of the internal control system

Compliance and the maintenance of the internal control system are a non-value-adding activity within the company. The requirements of the control environment are continually interrupted at work and must carry out annoying documentation activities. Added to this as a responsible person for control, these activities usually have to be recorded and documented in unloved Excel® files.

This can now be over. ISPICIO provides an innovative solution that enables you to automate your ICS easily and efficiently, while at the same time focusing your attention on value-adding activities.

Support in IT Audit exclusively for audit firms

Professional competence and sufficient experience in the area of audit are now a rare asset. In addition, employees who have been trained in the examination are often absent. Every year during the audit season there is a lack of external consultants on the market.

Internal and external ISPICIO staff have the necessary qualifications and are available to support short- and long-term audit mandates.