Extract SAP®-tables by RFC

Do you use our analysis tool ISPICIO_S on behalf of customers? Do you want to examine an SAP® ERP, but you are not at the customer? Then recommend your customers to free download ISPICIO_X. With ISPICIO_X the relevant tables can be downloaded at the touch via RFC. Simply inputting of the data connection, select the fiscal year and enter project-related informations.

Includes numerous table sets

All configuration, master and transaction data of a SAP® ERP are stored in tables. In order to analyze an SAP® ERP, you need therefore knowledge, in wich tables SAP® stores the information. Here you can save a lot of manual steps using ISPICIO_X. Comfortably choose one or more areas and start downloading. The result is a table container, customized for the import into ISPICIO_S. In addition to permissions, IT General Controls, Journal Entries and statistics tables, ISPICIO

The perfect partner for ISPICIO_S

Our software solutions have their roots in facilitating annual audits and in consulting projects in the SAP®-environment. With ISPICIO_X you can alongside to the extraction of SAP®-tables also import the results of analyzes from our software ISPICIO_S. This is very handy if you want to inspect the results of an analysis using drill-down or you want to output the results with the built-in reports – without that you have a license for ISPICIO_S. We call this asynchronous use. Download today the free full version!