How does your data gets into ispicio_S from your ERP?

Simple Import

How to get the data from your ERP in ispicio_S? That’s easy: Most comfortable is the connection via RFC (Remote Function Call). Enter the connection data and the user ID – all necessary tables are extracted by ispicio_S automatically. Of course, you also have the option, yet extracted tables (SE16) to import. And we offer more! Take advantage of our free complimentary ispicio_X extraction tool for the table download. For example, your client extracts the tables by pressing a button and gives you the created table container package. So you no longer need to be there!

Transparency and Flexibility

Custom Analyzes

We offer a package of the most important controls in the areas of permissions (including segregation of duties; SoD), IT General Controls and Journal Entries. Thereby we have focused on maximum transparency and flexibility. The modular design allows you to view, modify and expand the existing check rules. Determine for every analysis individuallay, what you want to examine. For example, “Who can create local client copies?” or “What RFC-connections exist?” Another highlight is the possibilty to easily analyze users and roles separately with every run.

Drill-down, pre-defined reports or XLS for further investigations

The result!

Even on the issue of the analysis results, ispicio_S shows its flexibility. Browse the result explorer easily by drilling down or call a standard report. Out of the box, you get a selection of predefined reports that you can easily print and share PDF. Again, the reports were prepared using a standard report designer and therefore can be adjusted to your wishes. In addition, the output as the XLS file is possible. So your imagination knows no boundaries.