Process modeling and IKS-creation in a step

In a step

With our software ISPICIO_M you get the opportunity to model processes in BPMN-based. In line with our motto to automate all sorts of processes and simplify our software works in collaboration with ISPICIO_E. With ISPICIO_M modeled processes are automated in the surroundings of our software ISPICIO_E loaded. Thus, one can already during the process modeling, process or populating recording controls incl. All control elements.

Saving of workload during the recording process


Benefit from the integration of our products and spare yourself the time-consuming work to take their entire processes, to model and manually integrate into the GRC environment afterwards. With ISPICIO_M the important control and risk elements are automated in the server environment loaded.

Supplement to existing programs

Export and Integration

ISPICIO_M processes can be loaded without problems in other BPMN software. Thus, the tool can be integrated as a supplement to their existing programs and they also have the ability to integrate in addition to the function of an automatic uploads to ISPICIO_E the processes in your own BPMN process management manual. Additionally’s more export functions, such as xmls available.