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Your Situation

You are working with SAP® ERP at your company. For emergencies, you have created one or more emergency user accounts in your productive system. You use either generic user accounts (e.g. “Admin”), which can only be used by a certain group of people in exceptional cases. Or, you have certain system administrators with super user privileges.

However, this does not correspond to the regulatory requirements. Because a compliant use of SAP® emergency users requires:

  • A documented emergency user concept
  • Log-in data must be secured against unauthorized access
  • Preconditions for emergency use must be clearly defined
  • The actions of the emergency user must be logged seamlessly
  • Emergency user applications must be subject to an approval and notification process
  • Protocols of emergency user records must be evaluated regularly
  • Categorization of emergency users (e.g. IT and business processes)

ISPICIO – The solution for SMEs

Especially in medium-sized companies, the topic of emergency user management is often neglected. An important aspect here is usually the high cost of an emergency user solution. In addition to the pure license costs, implementation costs also play an important role.

That is why we have developed a lean software solution that meets all the requirements for an SAP® emergency user solution and satisfies both your internal control bodies and the auditor. In general, we implement our suite within 2 business days and also the license costs will pleasantly surprise you.

We rely on a stand-alone server solution that accesses your SAP® installation via RFC. If an emergency user access is required, a defined group of people can log on to our suite via the browser and request an emergency user access by justification. In the background, our software generates a unique user ID, which is only activated for this incindent. At the same time, the Securiy Audit Log is activated for this emergency action. Upon completion of the deployment, ISPICIO automatically locks this user so that no further logon is possible. Subsequently, a reviewer automatically receives the Security Audit Log for review and sign-off.

Everything from one source

We have thought of everything in the development of our emergency user suite. Even its usability. In emergency cases, the system must be accessible without delay. Therefore, authorized SAP® administrators receive a one-time user identification at the push of a button.

With our software, you can close an important detection gap. In order to ensure the integrity of your data and to exclude any mistakes, all activities are recorded during the use (Security Audit Log). The log files are stored in the internal database together with the reasons for the use and the result of the review (“OK” / “Not OK”), including the persons involved. This enables you to prove that everything is in perfect order with “your SAP®”.

If you decide for our solution, we will do all the work. We install the software, we set up the users and train your employees. And this, mostly within 2 business days.

Documented Emergency User Concept

Our solution comprises a documented Emergency User concept. Relax and take your time to do more important things. Having satisfied all your stakeholders.

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