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Your situation

You are currently implementing an ERP system or rolling out an existing template in other affiliates. As in any project, there are problems and obstacles that can not be eliminated. Both in the project management as well as from the departments project members are complaining about problems during the implementation.

You as a project manager or project sponsor have a feeling that certain things in the project are not running properly or have no feel for how your project is running.

What we do

Through years of experience of our employees in the project business, as well as the auditing of projects, we can help you to accompany your project from an auditor perspective.

At the same time, we show you where developments are not on track in the direction of the project goal or if further obstacles are on the way. Our goal is not to establishing further obstacles in the project, but to eliminate these and to point out the main project risks.

In addition, our employees can help you to assess the technical requirements and their implementation in order to evaluate the progress of the project.

Why choose ISPICIO?

Our employees have a lot of experience with projects and the risk management in the implementation of SAP® projects. In addition, ISPICIO has developed its own guide on how to carry out project-accompanying tests and what the essential requirements are.

By checking the implementation during the ongoing project, you have the opportunity to tackle and implement important issues at an early stage. Changes, which have to be implemented, are not going to be expensive if you need to implement them right after or before the Go-Live.

Save money. Through the examination of the project, you can reduce the effort of the auditor, since he can rely on our results as part of his audit. This means that you do not have any extra effort to check the system during the project runtime.

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