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Consulting Services

Due to the strong expertise that we have because of our specific software products, it is only natural that ISPICIO also offers consulting services in this area. Our consultants have built up their expertise through several years in well-known companies and in their respective fields. In addition to the basis of professional experience and specialization, we also attach great importance to the steady development of our consultants in their respective fields and also of other subjects in order to offer the best possible portfolio our customers.

ISPICIO as a software company in the field of controls automation in SAP® also offers consulting services. The staff in this area are mainly specialized in the following areas.

Gain transparency and security about the state of your SAP® system

Qualified personnel are scarce and daily business often prevents organisations from getting SAP® Security under control. Hence, we offer a comprehensive package that will take the burden off you. One of our experts manages all necessary tasks and analyses your SAP® system with our tool ISPICIO_S. The work is usually done on-site and can be performed on one of your computers. No critical ABAP installation is required. No byte of data has to leave your organisation. The results can usually be presented within a few business days depending on the amount of customisation your organisation requires.

Contact us for your individual "SAP®-Security Health Check"

The end-to-end approach optimizing processes and implementing an ICS


Based on the software products ISPICIO has created its own consulting approach. The goal is to implement an audit-proof and optimized Internal Controls System for your company by using the ISPICIO software products.

Initially a check with the software ispicio_S is performed to check the current state of your SAP® system. Here all available controls are processed accordingly. Based on these results, processes are recorded by visualizing your current processes with our software ispicio_M. The major advantage of ispicio_M is, that we are able to already integrate all existing in process controls here.

After we have visualized all your processes with ispicio_M, we would tell you in which areas a process improvement is required, to optimize your business processes. We assist you by implementing these adjustments to your processes.

After all adjustments are processed, we will upload all processes and the control environment to ispicio_E. Additionally we are offering services in SAP Security, that will help you setting up your role management with ispicio_E. We will consult you by setting up a role concept. At the end we will initiate and start the ICS automation at your company.

Your Internal Audit Experts on demand

If you require assistance in the conduct of internal audit activities, then you are exactly right with us. Our employees are mostly settled in the field of auditing and thus bring many years of experience and certifications in these areas. In addition to support your audit activities, such as conducting audits, we will also assist you in building a revision function in your company.

As a partner of your company we would deliver the audit functionality as a service. We will be responsible for all audit functions in your company, such as creating an audit plan, fieldwork, reporting and communication and follow-up activities.

Get your “Internal Control System” managed by our Experts

Apart from the function of Internal Audit, the company is growing interest in the function of Internal Controls Department, to take over the responsibility of the ICS. In addition to the introduction of ICS concepts and control frameworks we support you as consultants and interim manager in any functions of your Internal Controls department. Even though we conceptualize in accordance with the internal and external demands such a position for your business.

Benefit from our expertise to build compliant SAP® role concepts

The authorization system in SAP® can often become an unmanageable giant. Not for nothing, there are trained professionals in this field. Before you fail at the conception of an authorization system and therefore threatens a Finding of auditors, we are happy to assist you in creating a SAP® authorization concept. According to the internal circumstances, we adapt the role concept accordingly and convert this also gladly in an automated environment, such as the ISPICIO_E.