Tailored Training

Train your employees effectively with our innovative training approach:

We combine basic training with the specific requirements of the workplace of your company. In a three-phase training and further training course, we train your employees specifically to the needs and special features of your company. This allows you to achieve a high level of knowledge of your employees.

We offer the following main trainings for internal auditors in the SAP® environment:

  • SAP® Basic
  • General Controls
  • Sales and Distribution (SD)
  • Finance (FI)
  • Production (PP)


On the basis of the chosen focus, we will train your employees in the necessary fundamentals in a 2 to 4-day training course. Through the interactive nature of the event, we will look at the specifics in your company. After completing basic training, your employees can formulate concrete questions from your company environment. These form the basis for the subsequent workshops. In these, we train your employees specifically to the requirements in your company. Typically, the instructed skills are sharpened and expanded in regular refresher courses.Auffrischungsschulungen geschärft und erweitert.